Grove Mill Winery – Dry goods store


  • Length: 12m
  • Width: 26.4m
  • Knee Height: 5.2m
  • Floor Area: 316.8m²
  • Building Use: Commercial
  • Cladding: Clad in 0.40mm Colorsteel roof and wall cladding which enabled the client to store the volumes of boxes, labels, caps and other associated winery items.
  • Time to build: Coresteel Buildings worked closely with the client to ensure construction sequences and methodology did not hinder the operation of the winery.
  • Features: Three buildings were part of this build including a dry goods store, main warehouse (Tapered Box Beam structure.) and canopy. See other listings for other building specs in this series. The dry goods store featured a standard Coresteel cold formed gable structure, which was sized and located on an existing concrete tank slab.