Coresteel Buildings now offer a fully insured 10-year warranty on all their projects.


Coresteel has teamed with Stamford Insurance to provide you with a Comprehensive 10-year warranty. This warranty covers all defects for the first year and major structural defects, INCLUDING weather tightness, for a further 9 years (10 years in total).

The warranty is an insurance policy underwritten by Lloyd’s of London, the world’s leading specialist insurer, so it is fully independent and secure for your complete peace of mind. Because the warranty is issued to the owner, it will also protect tenants and any future owners – improving your investment further. As the warranty covers defects in design, materials or workmanship, it means any major problem is likely to be covered.

Protecting Your Investment

Coresteel has a long and proud history of supplying reliable and successful steel buildings which are guaranteed to perform and to exceed clients’ expectations. But we recognise that a typical project relies on many other parties and products and that a failure in any one of them can affect the whole project.

We have arranged to offer a 10 Year warranty from Stamford Insurance to provide the ultimate protection against problems arising after completion. The policy provides the highest standard of Building Warranty and Latent Defects Insurance. The policy covers major structural defects and failure of the waterproof envelope due to:

  • Defective design or specification
  • Failure of products and materials
  • Defective workmanship

Improves Resale Value

The policy stays with the building so if you sell your building, the warranty can be transferred to the new owner. This is certain to give potential buyers greater confidence.

Index-Linked Cover

Our policy is based on the full contract price and will be linked to the Building Price Index to ensure that your cover keeps pace with inflation. This is particularly important when you consider that a claim could occur towards the end of the 10-year term.

Our Standard 10-year Warranty

Defects Insurance Period – 1 year
For 1 year from the date of completion, the builder is responsible for rectifying defects in the property. If the builder fails to remedy defects in the building for which they are responsible, we will pay for another builder to carry out the works.

Structural Insurance Period – 9 Years
For a further 9 years from the end of the defects insurance period, we will pay to rectify major structural defects in the property, including weather-tightness issues.

Extensions Included

  • Professional fees 5%
  • Removal of debris 5%

About Stamford Insurance

Stamford Insurance Ltd is a Registered Financial Adviser and the directors have over 50 years` experience in insurance. We provide innovative insurance solutions which deliver improved security and peace of mind. Our policies are designed especially for New Zealand and are issued here on behalf of Certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s of London.

Lloyd’s of London since 1688

Lloyd’s is the world’s leading specialist insurer and carries an ‘A’ rating from all the major rating agencies. This means that Lloyd’s has a tremendous financial strength and their policies provide you with complete peace of mind. Lloyd’s is one of the main providers of insurance and reinsurance in New Zealand.

For more information call Stamford Insurance on 09 927 0100 or email

Subject to the terms and conditions of the policy, a copy of which is available on request.