Five Traits That Make a Great Coresteel Distributor

Curious about what it takes to become part of the Coresteel network? As one of New Zealand’s leading brands for commercial building design, innovation, and construction, we are lucky to get to work with the best in the business across the country – and you could be one of them.

Here is a snapshot of what we look for in a Coresteel distributor, and how these traits transform into business success for our regional distributors. 

Trait #1. Leadership and construction experience 

Nothing can replace practical experience in the field. As any construction expert knows, it takes years of hard work to understand the nuances of the industry – and that’s why we require all Coresteel candidates to demonstrate a solid background in the field. 

Beyond just knowing the nuts and bolts of construction, it’s also important that you have leadership experience – whether through owning an independent business, or by managing a team within a construction business. Coresteel distributors operate with a high level of independence, which means you’ll need to be well-equipped to handle big projects, navigate sales, and manage your own team. 

Our network is filled with people from a wide range of backgrounds. Ultimately, what makes someone a great fit for Coresteel isn’t a line on their CV but having a big-picture awareness and understanding of how to work with customers, manage projects, and drive growth for a business. If you have these skills, and the industry experience to back it up, then we want to hear from you. 

Trait #2. Presence in your local market 

One of the things our clients love about working with us is our in-depth knowledge of local areas around the country. The Coresteel network spans across New Zealand, relying on our independent distributors to rise to the local challenges and understand their regional environment and council requirements. 

Having a great reputation in your area can also help tremendously with building up the Coresteel brand in your region. Our national marketing team helps provide distributors with branding, messaging, and imagery – but establishing local connections is up to you! 

Trait #3. Motivation to grow your business 

We’re an ambitious network here at Coresteel – and proud to bring together a group of driven, professional distributors. 

While every region develops their own business style, they all have one thing in common – a drive to level up their market share. Coresteel is an established brand with a reputation for project success and product quality. To leverage the strength of the brand, candidates must know how to shape a business that is ready to take on the local market.  

Trait #4. Commitment to joining a collaborative network 

One of the biggest benefits of being a Coresteel distributor is having access to a country-wide network of talented, experienced leaders who understand the brand and the product.  

As Geoff Spencer from Coresteel Buildings Manawatu describes, “The positivity of the Coresteel community is infectious, and it filters through everything else we do. After our most recent annual Coresteel conference, we came away reminded of how great the culture is here, how it brings together a cool bunch of like-minded people.”  

Being part of the Coresteel community gives everyone more security, dependability, and resources to improve business, promote the brand, and share strategies. Candidates who look forward to leveraging the network often get the most value and see the best success as Coresteel distributors. 

Trait #5. Ability to work autonomously 

We carefully select only the most qualified and motivated candidates to be part of the Coresteel network. As a result, Coresteel distributors tend to be highly capable, business-savvy, and driven people who appreciate the independence that comes with running a Coresteel region. While we do require every distributor to uphold national Coresteel branding standards and business practises, there is plenty of room to mould your region in a way that works best for your local market. 

Every Coresteel distributors makes their own decisions about: 

  • Who they hire 
  • What roles they employ on their team 
  • Whether they use in-house builders or partner with contractors 
  • How they manage time away and holidays 
  • Creating a healthy balance between Coresteel and businesses functioning alongside it 

We place a lot of trust in our distributors to drive sales and business growth for their region. Great Coresteel candidates have the resilient, focused mindset of an entrepreneur and a desire to harness their skills through an established brand and proven system. 


Do you resonate with these traits? If you’re looking to expand your business portfolio, maximise your local market, and invest in a new opportunity, then Coresteel might be the right fit for you. 

Explore more about the benefits of joining the network – and then talk to our team about what regions are available right now. 

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