Top 10 Building Terms You Need to Know

When you’re starting a new building project, the jargon may seem intimidating.

But with a quick read of our new Coresteel Glossary, you’ll be talking like a pro in no time!

Below, we’ve hand-picked the top 10 most important terms you may come across during any building project.


BOM This stands for Bill of Materials and is a list of all the parts of your building. The list details components right down to the quantities of screws and the sizes of your brackets.
Cold form steel Is the term used for products that are made by rolling or pressing steel into shape at relatively low temperatures. This is in comparison to hot rolled steel (see definition below). All Coresteel’s structures (except Tapered Box Beam structures) are made using cold form steel.
Cladding Cladding is the material that covers your external walls and roof. Coresteel buildings are generally clad in 0.42 Trimrib ModnColour, but can incorporate Titan panel, weatherboard, Speedwall, precast, or basically any other material.
Flashings A flashing is typically a folded steel component that drains or deflects water back outside the cladding system.
Floor area The length multiplied by the width of your building. This can also include extra floor area if your building has a mezzanine floor.
Foundations A foundation is what connects your building to the ground and helps spread the weight of the building. Your foundation will usually consist of a concrete pad tied into a floor slab.
Knee height The distance between the ground and the top of the wall.
PA door PA door stands for a Personal Access door. A PA door is a standard door, similar to the front door of a house. The door can be in steel or aluminium joinery.
Portal frame A portal frame is the main steel skeleton of the building, made up of parts such as the rafters, columns brackets and fasteners.
Span  The distance between the two sides of a building.

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