Mikes Engines motoring ahead

A high-profile, attractive shop front and loads of extra space have sparked an exciting growth phase for the team at Mikes Engines.

Steve Walker, Owner of Mikes Engines in Whangarei

Mikes Engines, 80 Rewa Rewa Road, Whangarei

Watch the video and see more about the building here.

After more than 30 years in a building down an alleyway on Commerce Street in Whangarei, owner Steve Walker was on the lookout for something new.

“We spent about 18 months looking around for new premises and hadn’t found anything that suited our needs,” says Steve.

The solution came when the opportunity was presented for a custom-designed building on Whangarei’s busy Rewa Rewa Road.

“We needed more space in the workshop, to expand and simplify our workflow and an attractive showroom and reception area to provide a professional shop front for the building.”

The new building is around twice the size of the previous location and they’ve already filled up the space.

“After 10 months in the new space our capacity has definitely increased and we’ve already hired two new team members.”

It was Coresteel’s can-do attitude that struck a chord for Steve. “Coresteel worked with us to provide the exact design and functionality we needed to grow.”

Steve says they regularly have positive feedback from the public about the building. “It’s a hearty building and that fits with the Mikes Engine brand.”

Watch the video and see more about the building here.