Embracing Modern Construction: Streamlining Efficiency & Productivity

The construction industry has seen significant advancements in recent years, with modern construction methods revolutionising how we build.

Businesses must continue to embrace these methods to thrive in an increasingly competitive landscape. From technological developments to prefabricated industrial building techniques, we discuss the role of modern construction in enhancing efficiency and productivity.

What are the Challenges & Limitations of Traditional Construction?

Traditional construction methods have been used for many years and are still prevalent in many construction projects. However, they present some challenges that can hinder efficiency and productivity. In traditional construction, builders manufacture components on-site, requiring sequential assembly and coordination of various trades. This method often takes longer and is more susceptible to delays and quality issues.

Additionally, conventional construction practices may not prioritise sustainability, resulting in higher energy consumption, material waste, and environmental impact. 

How Modern Construction Methods Are Impacting the Industry

Modern construction methods aim to address the challenges of traditional construction. Newer practises leverage technology, automation, and prefabrication to enhance efficiency, productivity, quality, and sustainability. Here are a few ways these methods impact the industry and benefit businesses.

Technological Advancements Drive Efficiency

Technological developments have played a vital role in construction projects worldwide, providing engineers and builders with advanced tools, enhanced visualisation capabilities, and more accurate data. These advancements have resulted in more efficient, cost-effective, and well-informed project planning, setting the stage for successful construction projects.

Coresteel recognises the importance of technology in modern construction and continues to embrace it in various building projects. The software we use to design our buildings is constantly evolving. Examples include our project management software, Constructor, and our design software in development, AirBuildr.

Prefabrication Reduces Labour Times

The most prominent example of modern construction is prefabrication. This building method involves manufacturing components off-site in a controlled environment and transporting them for assembly on-site. Prefabricated techniques are taking over the industry thanks to faster construction times, cost savings, and improved quality control. 

We embrace prefabrication here at Coresteel, which has brought numerous benefits to our construction projects, as our Commercial Manager, Simon Archer, explains.

“We can manufacture far more efficiently in a controlled environment than on-site, where you have to deal with all the weather conditions, health and safety, and so on.”

A Greater Focus on Sustainability

Traditional construction practices have faced criticism for their impact on climate change, resource depletion, and pollution. The growing global consciousness about environmental issues has increased the demand for sustainable building practices worldwide. In response to this demand, modern construction methods prioritise sustainability more than ever, and Coresteel is leading the way.

Since its co-development with BlueScope Steel in 2015, DonoBeam, a patented design, has made its mark in the construction industry. Our expert engineers designed this portal system with fewer raw materials. Our goal is to reduce carbon emissions wherever possible. Whilst we’ve made significant progress, it remains our daily focus.

DonoBeam has achieved remarkable carbon emission savings with up to 40% reductions compared to traditional steel construction methods, including substantial savings of up to 25% in steel emissions and an impressive 26% reduction in transport emissions. Alongside its carbon savings, this innovative system achieves wider, clear spans to suit your business needs.

Hundreds of New Zealand buildings have utilised DonoBeam so far. The system will undoubtedly make a positive difference in future construction projects nationwide.

Coresteel Projects: Examples of Modern Builds

At Coresteel, innovation is at the heart of what we do. Our franchises across New Zealand constantly seek new ways to enhance efficiency and productivity with modern construction methods. Below are some examples of our construction projects and how we bring them to life with our exclusive structural systems.

Steel Hangars: Our steel hangars have served various aviation clients. With no interference from centre poles or braces, our structural systems allow for more interior space. Such design flexibility allows us to make the most of your land area for your aircraft. These modern hangars are made of hard-wearing steel and can withstand heavy loads, extreme weather conditions, and seismic events.

Canopies: Whether you need a secure place for customers to park or shelter for large machinery, we can tailor a canopy build to meet your specifications. These robust structures require little maintenance thanks to their smart design and use of our portal systems.

Commercial Storage Units: Coresteel has created commercial storage units for businesses in various industries. These units perfectly balance interior space and functionality, enabling businesses to maximise efficiency and productivity.

Large-Scale Warehouses & Manufacturing Facilities: Coresteel’s modern construction techniques are ideal for large-scale warehouses and manufacturing facilities. Our clear-span interiors provide unobstructed open spaces, allowing easy equipment, storage, and machinery manoeuvrability. Such flexible designs make it easy for workers and vehicles to move in and out, improving daily operations.

Retail Stores, Modern Offices, & Community Builds: Coresteel provides customised modern building solutions for various needs, whether you’re building a recreational facility for your local community or a multi-tenant office for your new business. Our spacious designs help our clients maximise their business growth.

Check out our key projects to learn more about our modern construction projects across New Zealand.

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