Coresteel Taranaki Awarded 2021 Sales Team of the Year

Coresteel Taranaki is recognised for unparalleled sales efforts in the last year, strengthening the Coresteel business across the Taranaki region.

The Sales Team of the Year award is given to the franchisee with the best quote success and conversion rate for new commercial projects. Sweeping the Coresteel Awards this year, Nathan takes the 2021 Sales Team of the Year award for his remarkable efforts in expanding business opportunities across the region. Nathan Mumby has owned and operated Coresteel Taranaki for two years, and his work consistently drives sales and progress upwards.

Simon Archer, Coresteel Buildings Commercial Manager, describes Coresteel Taranaki as “a business with a true desire to achieve.” Nathan and his team have proven themselves not just as a strong commercial building team, but also as a forward-thinking, driven franchisee group with big-ticket projects in the works.

In 2021, Coresteel Taranaki presented an impressive quote success rate, securing seven new large projects. With an impressive 400% sales growth expected next year, the Taranaki team is not slowing down anytime soon. 

Their achievement is largely due to a consistent effort to grow their client list, provide excellent building services, and strengthen the Coresteel brand in the Taranaki region.

“Karen and I do our best to use past experience in the construction industry to position our business well in the current market. We run several operations, but our goal is to eventually focus solely on Coresteel,” says Nathan.

The national Coresteel team recognised Coresteel Taranaki for their persistent drive to grow their business. Nathan extended the effort for this award to his entire team and partnering contractors for their continued excellence throughout the last year. 

“I can’t speak highly enough of everyone on the team – our group here in Taranaki and the wonderful Coresteel Buildings family. Collaborating with the national team and the other franchisees has been so helpful – from the design process to working with clients. The people here are truly excellent.”

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