Coresteel Equine Stables: Horse Stables Built to Last

A bit of advanced planning can save a lot of headaches later on when it comes to planning the perfect horse stables for your property. Coresteel specialise in custom-design steel buildings to ensure your stables are fit-for-purpose, saving you time and money in the long-term.

Operating in more than 25 regions across New Zealand, Coresteel have now been providing quality steel buildings for more than a decade. Due to the unique structural building systems used and the heavy-duty, bolted connections, Coresteel structures are known for being stronger and longer-lasting than those of competitors.

Pole barns used to be the construction method of choice for horse stables across New Zealand. While these served their purpose for those who wanted to build their horse stables affordably, they also deteriorated quickly. After a lengthy wait to get the stables erected, customers were then required to provide frequent ongoing maintenance.

Fortunately, advances in steel design now means that durable horse stables can be designed and built in next to no time at all.


Protect your horse against the elements

Coresteel use methods that ensure your horse is protected against the elements. Previously, timber-framed structures meant that your stables would be susceptible to moisture infiltration, mould rot and pest infestations. It’s important when considering your design to think about:

  • strong winds
  • extreme weather
  • fire
  • corrosion
  • fading and chipping

Coresteel horse stables are designed to withstand all of the above, making them the perfect choice for your equine housing.


Expand your building easily

Besides durability, one of the key advantages to building steel horse stables comes when it’s time to expand your herd. Features such as a tack room, more stalls, a washroom or even some office space can be added on easily further down the track. This means that you can build as and when your budget allows.


Protect your horse

An obvious benefit to building with steel is the strength of your build. It’s inevitable that at some stage horses will ‘act out’ in their stables. It’s quite common to see horses grabbing and pulling at doors or rails, kicking walls or even chewing wood. Besides the structural damage this can cause, it can also hurt your horse- leading to costly vet bills.

By building your horse stables with steel, you can ensure that you’re providing a safer, healthier more durable environment for your animals.

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