Blackenbrook Wines

Mapua, Tasman

  • Length: 17.5m
  • Width: 7.5m
  • Knee Height: 5.4m
  • Floor Area: 131.25m²
  • Building Use: Commercial
  • Cladding: Kingspan KS1000RW colour coated roof & wall cladding (Ambient store). DP955 colour coated roof & wall cladding (open area).
  • Time to build: 6 weeks
  • Features: Enclosed ambient store with sloping floor and insulated sectional door" and "Open Implement Shed".
    Concrete Slab, 150mm thick sloping floor.
    Structure: Coresteel Cold Form Galvanised members
    Doors: 4.200m (high) x 3.000m (wide) Insulated sectional panel door.
    Aluminium framed entrance door.