Building a Warehouse with Coresteel

Is building a warehouse your next big business opportunity? Warehouses can serve numerous purposes, from bulk storage stores to large-scale manufacturing facilities. With the right team behind you, steel warehouse construction can be an excellent long-term investment for your business.

So, what makes a good warehouse, and what is involved in Coresteel’s construction process? Discover how Coresteel can bring your dream warehouse to life.

Key Features of a Warehouse

A few key factors are essential to a successful warehouse. Here’s what you need to consider when planning your warehouse construction and design.

Accessible Location

As with any industrial building project, choosing an appropriate location for your warehouse is as important as the design itself. The right location will ensure your building is accessible to the right people. Proximity to transport hubs, such as railway stations, highways, airports, and seaports, is fundamental for warehouse construction. If your warehouse is conveniently located, it will be easier for workers to transport goods to and from the site.

Interior Space

Space is essential in any commercial or industrial building, especially for warehouses. Warehouses are most commonly used for the storage of heavy goods and equipment. They must have enough interior space to hold goods and keep daily operations as organised as possible. Your workers must also have enough space to transport goods and work efficiently and safely. The less clutter, the better.

Forward-thinking construction methods and structural systems can help to create more spacious buildings. At Coresteel Buildings, we use the patented DonoBeam and the Bracketless Portal System to allow for wider spans and more interior space. With no interfering centre poles or obtrusive braces, these building systems provide businesses with the space they need to achieve their goals.

The Use of Steel

The materials used to bring your building to life can make or break your future success. So, why is steel the way to go over other building materials? 

Building a warehouse is a big investment; hardwearing materials will ensure your structure lasts for a long time, making the investment worth it. Steel is one of the world’s most robust materials. It has the strength and durability to withstand New Zealand’s rigorous and often unpredictable weather conditions. It is also a sustainable choice, allowing endless recycling possibilities with minimal impact on our precious environment.

What’s Coresteel’s Process?

At Coresteel Buildings, we aim to make the process of building a warehouse as simple as possible for our clients. We offer a one-stop approach to construction to save you time dealing with multiple suppliers, designers, and builders. 

Simon Archer, Coresteel’s Commercial Manager, explains how the process works.

“On a regional level, our franchisees will sit with the business owner and understand their needs. For example, they might have a warehouse that is too small. So, our team will talk to them about their projected growth, how much more storage space they need, and what they need to operate efficiently in terms of layouts, office space, and building height.”

Coresteel Buildings’ exclusive structural systems allow for excellent design flexibility. No matter your needs, we can build a customised warehouse that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional in the long term.

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