Bracketless Portal System

IMG_9129Our uniquely patented system is constructed using cold-formed steel sections and is manufactured right here in New Zealand.

The Bracketless Portal System offers a more cost-effective option to hot formed steel or wooden products for nearly every build. The system allows for buildings of virtually any size, without compromising structural integrity. Sections are simply bolted together, drastically reducing construction time, while remaining cost-effective.

This exclusive system is similar to that which has been used extensively in the industrial market over a number of years, however redesigned for simplicity, efficiency and visual appeal.

The system was designed and patented in 2005, following extensive research and experience in the New Zealand and Australian markets.

Discover more about the Bracketless Portal System using our interactive ‘Structural Points of Difference’ diagram. 


Constructor image 1Constructor is our in-house software program which provides a direct link between Coresteel’s designers/engineers and your local franchisee. Our franchisees use Constructor to quote pre-engineered and bespoke buildings in real-time. Then when your building project begins, the programme also allows our franchisees to follow the progress of the project online and inform you when milestones are reached along the way.